We are Agitprop — a creative agency for the left.

We’re a small creative agency and worker coop focused on serving the left. Our clients are political campaigns and organizations. They hire us for our engaging design, precise copy, and vital analytics.

We love insurgent political candidates ready to challenge the status quo to create a more equitable world. 

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Megan Magray 
Creative Director 

Megan is a designer, writer, and photographer. For two years, she worked at Planned Parenthood, crafting copy and designing materials for fundraising teams across the national office. She has worked on a variety of campaigns in New York City including Tiffany Cabán’s campaign for Queens District Attorney and currently Jaslin Kaur’s campaign for City Council.

Kyle Sirell 
Digital Analyst

Kyle is a jack-of-all-trades marketing consultant with experience across the acquisition funnel and digital advertising ecosystem. He is also a dedicated activist and member of NYC-Democratic Socialists of America. For two years he’s led and helped shape its Media Working Group and NYC-DSA’s first live radio program Revolutions Per Minute. Most recently, he was Digital Director on the Tiffany Cabán for Queens campaign.

Nadya Agrawal

Nadya is a leftist writer with nearly ten years of digital content experience. She managed the social media at the NYC Mayor’s Office and Planned Parenthood of NYC, packaging stories on local and national politics for diverse audiences. She also worked as a Senior Content Writer at Priorities USA, writing social ad copy for left-leaning candidates during the 2018 midterm elections.